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The meaning of health and principles of health and illness.

Natural health has the same basic definition as alternative medicine, alternative healing, complementary medicine,holistic medicine and holistic health. They all generally mean using the mind, body and spiritual ability to heal or enhance healing. That is not to say that "Western medicine" is not an important part of today's health.

What does it mean to be healthy? What is health?

It is easier to define in the absence of health.

It is easy to tell when something isn't right. When something hurts or something shouldn't be there, we feel unhealthy. The word disease comes from a French word meaning "the lack of ease." So we could define health as the opposite of the absence of ease.

Let's try to define health in a more positive way. The root meaning of health is wholeness. We can see wholeness in ourselves as being balanced. The idea of wholeness in our health means that all components are working as one. Mind , body and spirit are in harmony and in balance. Balance is an aspect of wholeness that is needed for health.

There are basic principles principles to consider before deciding how to treat illness. The body resembles a complex machine and it is possible the body will heal itself if given enough time and attention.

We defined health previously as a balance of mind, body and spirit , but left out the word temporary. The balancing of health is temporary and will breakdown so it can be built back up. Periods of breakdowns of balance are periods illness between periods of health. When we experience illness it doesn't mean going to the doctor or staying in bed. It can be a lack of energy, mild depression, headache , restless sleep or a small injury. The gap between illness and health can be so small that we might not notice which side we are on. No matter how healthy someone says he or she is everyone gets sick or unbalanced.

Looking at sickness in more of a positive, natural experience is harder than seeing it as a misfortune and disaster. Look at sickness as a path to the next period of health. Feeling anger and guilt at our illness interferes with achieving our new equilibrium.

Healing comes from within. This is the body's natural way to restore balance when it is lost. Each of us was born with the power to heal because healing is the natural flow of nature.

Germs are agents of disease, they don't cause us to get sick. They are carriers of illness waiting for a chance to do their dirty work. If you give them a chance, they will attack. When we are at the point of losing equilibrium , agents find a weak spot in our defenses. Agents are everywhere - not only in viruses and bacteria , but also in chemicals, insects and pollution . Rather than fighting off disease agents in hopes of destroying them it is better to strengthen our resistance to them.

Noticing and recognizing illness at early stages make it easier to modify its duration and course.

Everyone has a weak point. Try to learn you weak points. Do you get sore throats, upset stomachs, or feel weak? You might want to adjust your energy levels, priorities or focus on rest during this period of early warning signs.

A healthy circulatory system is the cornerstone of the body's healing system. One of the best ways to promote healing is to increase the amount of blood getting to an ailing part of the body, since blood Carrie's with it oxygen and natural disease -fighting substances.

Proper breathing nourishes the central nervous system, develops a harmonious pattern for other bodily rhythms and regulated moods and emotions. Proper breathing means full, deep expansion of the lungs, exhaling at least as long as inhaling. The rhythm of breath should be slow and quiet.

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